Location 1: Zoomweg – Vegetation 2

Here you are standing in a little open area with a view on the forest. When looking at the forest you might recognize different layers in the forest. There is the moss, herb, shrub and tree layer. This is called vertical stratification.

The tree layer starts from a height of 8 meter and comprises the top layer which consists of more or less mature trees. The density of this layer determines the amount of light available for the two bottom layers. The shrub layer has a height of 1.35 (breast-height) to 8 meter. It mostly consists of young trees and bushes. This layer needs a bit of sun and a little moisture. This is why most semi-shade or shade-loving plants that do not tolerate bright sunlight can be found here. The herb layer contains mostly non-woody vegetation up to 1.35 meter. There is often little light available in this layer. The moss layer (0-10 cm height) refers to the moss and root layer but can also contain mushrooms and tree seedlings.