Neighbourhood ‘Benedenbuurt’

At a time when gas prices are rising and there is a desire to become independent from Russian natural gas, there is a special offer available for residents of the Benedenbuurt: they can get rid of natural gas. A heat network that is fed with the heat from a joint heat pump in its own neighborhood will provide everyone who connects with sustainable heat.
The initiative that arose during a climate street party has grown in recent years into a professional heating company whose residents are co-owners. In May 2022 owners of owner-occupied homes will receive the offer to become a customer. In the course of the month, the offer for home owners with an Association of Owners (VvE) will follow and shortly afterwards the tenants of the Housing Foundation will also be informed.

A short movie explains the system (💡 you can activate  English subtitles in ‘Settings’):

[youtube id=’_Rvj-QwhKGU’]