Point 1: Lumen retention ponds

Welcome to the Lumen Gardens! These gardens are created to attract many different species by varying the relief and bringing different soil types to the landscape. The gardens are designed to ensure rainwater can infiltrate into the ground.  

💧 In front of you is the larger Lumen pond. This is a rainwater retention basin. Rainwater from the roofs of the Gaia and Lumen buildings is routed to this pond. The water is used in the buildings for flushing the toilets and watering the inner gardens. 

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The smaller pond is only fed by groundwater and rainwater that falls directly on the pond. Therefore the water level of this pond is generally lower than the larger pond. The small pond usually reaches its lowest level at the end of the summer. The groundwater levels surrounding this pond are therefore also lower than those surrounding the large pond. These different groundwater levels contribute to the biodiversity of the Lumen garden.