Point 2

The Wageningen campus is situated on the transition between the higher Veluwe ice pushed ridge and the lower Gelderse Vallei (Valley). The area slopes from East (ca. 13 m above mean sea level) to West (ca. 7 meters above mean sea level). The regional groundwater flow is towards the West, to the middle of the Gelderse Vallei. See the cross section, red box indicates the position of the campus. Note that the vertical & horizontal scales differ.

Surface water reaches the campus at the roundabout and flows through a culvert to the ditches parallel to the Droevendaalsesteeg. When the area was developed into a campus, multiple ponds were made to store rainwater. This is necessary to be able to store enough water during heavy rain events and compensate for the increase in built up area of the buildings, roads and parking lots. The ponds are connected by culverts to the ditches. In the West of the campus a culvert connects the ditch draining the campus to the water system of the Wageningen Stadsgracht.