If you come to study Animal Sciences in Wageningen, you will definitely come to Carus for research. Carus, which is the Latin word for ‘dear’, is where scientists and students come to conduct research with animals (from fish to domestic animals to cows).
In Carus, we conduct research into sustainable livestock farming, animal behaviour and welfare, biology and aquaculture. This is how we make important contributions to improving the quality of life and health of animals. The facility has high-tech research equipment, including climate-respiration chambers, high-speed cameras and adjustable rooms.
Naturally, all research is conducted in accordance with the highest scientific humane and ethical standards, and all projects are approved by the scientific animal experimentation board (DEC).
In this video, you can see a number of students following a class in Carus. The course they are following is called Nutrition, Welfare and Reproduction in Aquaculture Systems.