I hope you have learned something now about the interactions between trees and the soil. Be aware that the soil influences the growing conditions for the trees but that trees themselves can alter the soil conditions over time so that soil quality can increase or decrease ⏫⏬!
Besides, the soil conditions determine what kind of fungi and insects can live in the soil and what plants can grow on it. This then influences the kind of animals and other insects that can live in the forest, which influences the dispersal (spread) of certain seeds etc., which again has an influence on the vegetation composition.
Ecosystems are webs with thousands of these interactions! 🕸
Alright, good luck on your next location, or have a good afternoon if this was your last one.

Location 2: Bosrandweg – Finish

Amazing! You’ve reached the finish for this location. You’ve probably learned a lot already, but here it’s time to take this knowledge and carry it to a higher…